The veterinary clinic at the service of your pets

Duvernay Veterinary Clinic Inc. was one of the first veterinary hospitals and clinics to open in the city of Laval. Since 1967, our clinic has been providing professional and personalized health care for your pets. We care about your pet’s well-being, and we offer quality services in a warm and welcoming environment. We are committed to ensuring our customers’ satisfaction and respect.


Veterinary for Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, and Exotic Animals

Cats, dogs, rabbits and small exotic animals (ferrets, rodents, reptiles, birds) will have the care and treatment they need thanks to our team of knowledgeable veterinaries, animal health technicians, and support staff.

We carry out exams, consultations, vaccinations, lab analyses, x-rays, dentistry, surgery, and orthopedics and offer on-site hospitalization and boarding services. We also have a private room set up for humane animal euthanasia.


A Loving Team of Veterinaries

Our animal health technicians are readily available and will provide you with expert advice for all things related to nutrition, pest control, general hygiene, and care as well as dental care, basic training, and pet behavior. They also ensure dietary monitoring (weight gain/loss, diabetes, kidney failure, etc.)


Veterinary Emergency Services

Emergency? Call us now! We will gladly welcome you and look after your pet during our office hours.