Medical Imagery Veterinary Services

Duvernay Veterinary Hospital in Laval offers complementary technological solutions to the medical services required to make sure your pet is given the best possible care. Sometimes, a veterinary will have to examine your pet’s internal organs, bones, abdomen or thorax to confirm or clarify his diagnosis and will do so using medical imagery tools such as x-rays, ultrasound, echocardiography, and electrocardiogram.



Veterinary X-Rays on cats, dogs and exotic pets

Duvernay Veterinary Hospital has a range of cutting-edge medical equipment for obtaining dental and physical digital x-rays. Thanks to digital technology, we can get medical imaging quickly, which allows the veterinary to see the results with you on a computer screen in the consulting room. It is also possible to get a copy of an x-ray on CD if needed. In some cases, sedation is required to take an x-ray. It is the veterinary’s responsibility to take the x-ray in the designated room assisted by an animal health technician. The rules of radiation protection (shielded apron, shielded blanket, thyroid shield, dosimeter, etc.) are followed to protect both your pet and the medical staff.



On-Site Ultrasound at Our Veterinary Clinic 

Ultrasounds are performed to get a good view of your pet’s internal organs such as kidneys, bladder, liver, etc. They are also used to detect a tumor, a foreign object or any other issue invisible to the naked eye or the touch during the examination previously carried out. Ultrasounds also enable the veterinary to see and better position his instruments to remove a sample for a cytology or biopsy. Medical imagery will be performed by the veterinary assisted by an animal health technician. Your pet will most probably be awake during the intervention, but in some cases, sedation is necessary to reduce the stress and ensure the intervention goes smoothly



Echocardiography and Electrocardiogram (ECG) for Animals

Your veterinary may think that your dog or cat has a medical condition or a heart disease (i.e., heart murmur). Medical imagery allows for the examination of your pet’s heart and its surrounding parts, blood flow, and heart valves as well as to assess cardiac function. We entrust your pet’s echocardiography to Services e-Vet mobile Inc.’s heart specialists who will come to Duvernay Veterinary Hospital in Laval to provide their expertise. These experts will also examine your pet and review the chest x-rays and ECG that were made by our staff. A report will be handed to us by the specialist and will allow the veterinary to take care of your pet and follow up on the recommendations of the heart specialist.

An electrocardiogram (ECG) will only be conducted on-site, in some cases, if not, will be refered to a specialist if the veterinary detects cardiac arrhythmia on your pet during his examination. This type of test is painless and is performed using small electrodes placed on your pet, which records the electrical signaling of the heart.