Pet Hospitalization & On-Site Veterinary Lab

Our Veterinary Hospital

Cat and Dog Hospitalisation, and Exotic Animal Care

Sometimes, it is necessary to have our pet’s medical condition checked out with a visit to the hospital in order to have their health examined, have a problem diagnosed, seek medical treatment or get them medical care.

At Duvernay Veterinary Hospital in Laval, we have the proper equipment and material and the qualified staff to perform surgery on your pet or provide them with continuous care depending on their health condition.


Our surgical rooms for animals

The veterinary has access to two complete surgical rooms as well as the equipment necessary (surgical tools, Doppler ultrasound, monitoring, heat pads, sphygmomanometer, etc.) should your dog, cat, rabbit or other household pet need surgery. Animal health technicians also assist the veterinary at all times.

We also administer intravenous fluids or medication using state-of-the-art electronic devices. Close follow-up will be performed by the veterinary and the animal health technicians to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.


Animal X-Rays, Electrocardiogram and Ultrasound

The veterinary could recommend having your pet undergo an x-ray, electrocardiogram or ultrasound on site to check their bones and internal organs (heart, bladder, bowels, etc.) or to detect a foreign body.


Our On-Site Veterinary Lab

Cytology, Urology, Coprology, Parasitology, and Blood Tests for Animals

Thanks to our on-site lab, we can carry out the blood analyses necessary and check the proper functioning of internal organs (liver, kidneys, pancreas, etc.) and get quick results to provide the right treatment to your pet. Other tests will give us insight into internal parasite problems. We can do or run blood tests, urine tests, cytology, urology, coprology, various parasitology tests, and much more.

***  New:  Therapeutic laser!   ***

We now offer therapeutic laser sessions for the treatment and management of pain, as well as to promote accelerated wound healing!


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