Pet Nutrition & Dietary Support

There are different types of food for all stages of your pet’s life, but also according to its race, age or physical condition (i.e., if your pet is diabetic, has kidney failure, suffers from high blood pressure or a food allergy).


Special-needs and prescription food

Duvernay Veterinary Hospital Inc. has a wide range of special-needs and prescription food.


Our technicians and veterinarians have received training in nutrition during their studies in the Animal Health or Veterinary Medicine programs, and they keep their knowledge up to date through continuous education. They can help you find the right food for your pet.


Dietary follow-up

Animal health technicians are what nurses are to humans. They have all the necessary skills to guide you in keeping your pet healthy. A healthy weight is the answer to many ailments! Our technicians will be able to set up a weight management program adapted to your pet's condition thanks to the knowledge they’ve gained throughout their college training, but also with the help of nutritional software. Just like with humans, good nutrition, avoiding junk food and maintaining a healthy weight will help your dog or cat to live better and older!


Specialized products and accessories

There are various products and accessories available regarding pet food.


For instance, some food will awaken felines’ natural hunting instinct and help them not to get depressed and sleep all day, thereby maintaining a healthy weight.


We try to carry both the latest products as well as the most effective popular products. There’s a whole variety of them! Let our animal health technicians guide you into choosing the best food suited to your pet’s specific needs.