Duvernay Veterinary Hospital Inc. offers an array of personalized services, including those related to maintaining good bodily hygiene. Thanks to our services, you will be able to prevent, detect and treat various skin, pest or health problems.



Grooming and shaving for cats and dogs

We groom and shave cats or dogs that are considered difficult or too aggressive, and that could not be groomed for this very reason. To do so, we will have to resort to sedation or anesthesia.



Claw clipping for cats, dogs and exotic animals

We clip claws on all cats and dogs, rabbits, ferrets, small rodents and small birds.



Beak, wings or teeth trimming for exotic pets

We can trim the beak, wings or teeth of the following exotic animals: rabbits, ferrets, small rodents and small birds.


Not all animals are aggressive. By getting your pet accustomed to being handled during its hygiene routine from an early age, you will keep it from becoming aggressive. We will gladly help all pet owners in learning about the ways to look after their pet’s ears, coat, claws, beak or wings. After this, you’ll be able to keep up this routine on a regular basis.


Feel free to ask us for advice!