Pet-sitting & Overnight Boarding for Dogs, Cats and Exotic Animals

Safe and Clean Boarding Facilities for Cats, Dogs and Exotic Animals 

Duvernay Veterinary Hospital offers boarding services for dogs, cats, and exotic animals. We have different kennels: “condos” for cats and various sizes of cages for all dog species. The animals we welcome at our boarding facilities are looked after with great care by our qualified team that takes hygiene and safety rules very seriously.


All the animals are fed twice a day and are given fresh water at all times. We recommend bringing your pet’s usual food. However, if you forget to do so, we will give them high-quality food.


Upon your arrival, our animal boarding staff will take note of your recommendations and your pet companion’s habits. It will be important to give us a phone number where you or a contact person can be reached in case of an emergency.



Boarding for Animals with Special Needs 

If your pet has special health care needs or medication, please don’t forget to let our medical staff know. A surcharge may be involved. For more information, please ask our clinic’s veterinarians.



Our veterinary hospital’s guests must have their immunizations up to date. Please keep in mind that some vaccines take effect only 7 to 10 days after they have been administered. It is therefore important that you book your reservation accordingly and have your pet examined and vaccinated beforehand if needed.


Don’t hesitate to contact us for questions regarding our boarding service or to book your reservation. We will gladly schedule a meeting with you.