Who are we?

We can communicate in english, french and spanish.

About The Duvernay Veterinary Hospital

Our History

As one of the first veterinary hospitals and clinics to get established in the city of Laval, Duvernay Veterinary Hospital inc. offers professional and personalized health care for your small animal companions since 1967.


Your Veterinary Hospital in Laval For All Types of Small Pets

Dogs, cats, rabbits and small exotic animals (ferrets, rodents, small birds and more) can benefit from the knowledge and care from our veterinary team, animal health technicians and our support staff. Please feel free to click on any of the links above to learn more about our team and the services, tips and what we can do for you and your pet. 


Our Animal Health & Emergency Services

Pet Health Services

We have your pet’s health at heart and offer high quality care in a friendly and hospitable atmosphere where client satisfaction and respect is of primary importance.

We offer several in-house animal health services including consultations and examinations, vaccinations, laboratory analysis, radiography, dentistry, general and orthopaedic surgery as well as hospitalizations and boarding. A private room has been fitted for when the euthanasia of an animal must take place, allowing our clients to be able to spend these difficult moments in a calm and intimate environment.

Our animal health technicians (AHT) are readily available and can counsel you on nutrition, parasite control, general health and hygiene, dental care as well as behavioural and basic training. They also ensure dietary follow-ups (weight loss/control, diabetes, renal insufficiency…).


Emergency Veterinarian Services

An emergency occurs? The health condition of your animal deteriorates or worries you? You believe that an emergency visit is necessary during our business hours? Please do not hesitate and call us, we will be happy to welcome you and to treat your pet.

Please note that it is possible to get in touch with one of the region's veterinary emergency centers outside our operating hours.


Community Involvement & Professional Associations

A Veterinary Hospital Involved in its Community

For many years, we have been aiming to get involved as much as possible in our community.  In that sense, our team volunteered, from 2011 to 2016, to the annual “March-o-thon Les Pattes de l’Espoir” of the Canadian Cancer Society when the activity was based in Laval by ensuring first-aid and an information booth. We also support the BEA Foundation (Fondation pour le bien-être des animaux de compagnie du Québec). To share our knowledge with the next generation of veterinarians and animal health technicians that are thinking about working in an veterinary clinic or hospital one day, we welcome students, through their orientation advisors, for internships. They must be enrolled in a Veterinary Medicine program, an Animal Health Technology program or be a 4th or 5th year student from a secondary school.


Our Professional Associations

Duvernay Veterinary Hospital inc. is a member in good standing of the Ordre des médecins vétérinaires du Québec (OMVQ), the Association des médecins vétérinaires du Québec (AMVQ), the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA), and the Association vétérinaire québécoise de médecine de refuge (AVQMR).